Orcas in Kachemak Bay

Lauri writes:

"We have had unusually large numbers of Orcas gathering in Kachemak Bay this summer, and we got near one of the pods this rainy day. There were 20 or more, and the large fin is about six feet high, to give you an idea of its size. Next time there is a wildlife viewing, I vote for someone less emotional and shaky to hold the camera!"

Personally, I'd say she did a fabulous job. And we appreciate getting to see what crosses your path.


Fishing and crabbing and some really good eatin'

Well, it's summer and that means lots of activity. Lauri and Greg have been out on their boat, sometimes just the two of them, and occasionally they have a bit of help.

Lauri writes:
"Enjoyed a great week with friends, and a successful fishing day. Greg caught a large cod, which was delicious in a Veracruz sauce. I got the biggest of lots of little halibut. Greg wanted me to send the photo right after I hauled it, and I was exhausted and my face all puckery. Fortunately for all of you, he doesn't do the editing."

And a couple weeks later:
"Tanner crab fishing has opened! We are thrilled to be working with Zach and his years of expertise. Yummmo. He also had us try a cedar planked salmon which turned out so delicious. Enjoy!"

I love that Lauri also sends along pictures of what she sees as she goes about her life.


Set net fishing

Lauri writes:
"Doing our annual set net fishing on the beach has been slow, but good company.

First you get together and PULL the net in, then untangle the fish from the net!

Greg got the big one yesterday-- we do get a few kings each year.

The gulls get to do the cleaning up.

This morning at 6am we were the only families with nets out! Mt Redoubt is peeking in the background."

I'm pretty sure that at 6am I'm not going to be on the beach tugging on a net and untangling fish. I'm just saying. But count on me to show up if the grill gets lit. Heh heh.